12 564
Poison Craft
Poison Craft - Πριν 6 μήνες
Was Noah in Mock Trial?
Yan Fries
Yan Fries - Πριν 4 μήνες
Esther Jolliffe
Esther Jolliffe - Πριν 5 μήνες
Dan Allan were you actually. If so thats really cool.☺
kent the puffle
kent the puffle - Πριν 6 μήνες
Maybe, not sure tho.
Poison Craft yes
Vo5ir - Πριν 6 μήνες
Bro I was in Mock Trial for 1 year then I quit because I was bored.
Faith Cooper
Faith Cooper - Πριν ημέρα
Damien and Shaynes Argument was the best thing ever
Call Me Al
Call Me Al - Πριν 4 ημέρες
noah with sweatshirt paws is extremely adorable
Drago Firethroat
Drago Firethroat - Πριν 5 ημέρες
Of course Joven is number 1. He plays as Waluigi.
"Waluigi! Number 1!"
Lelecutie123 - Πριν 9 ημέρες
Lelecutie123 - Πριν 9 ημέρες
I want betrayal at the house on the hill
Lelecutie123 - Πριν 9 ημέρες
KylaW - Πριν 10 ημέρες
Its so funny that Damien and Shayne are always paired together even by chance
Devorah Rubinoff
Devorah Rubinoff - Πριν 16 ημέρες
i just wanted to say yom kipper is a fast day not really the kind u have a party for
Ghost - Πριν 17 ημέρες
12:06 Boze being a mood
Gieger Bennett
Gieger Bennett - Πριν 18 ημέρες
2 and 1
almogrocks - Πριν 22 ημέρες
yom kipoor is not a holiday
Ghotyo Locanisyn
Ghotyo Locanisyn - Πριν 25 ημέρες
Movie tv show: u shoulda just said “dragon ball z” boom 2ez
Ghotyo Locanisyn
Ghotyo Locanisyn - Πριν 25 ημέρες
Coz dragon ball evolution was trash.
Julie - Πριν 26 ημέρες
I really appreciate Mari addressing all us Jehovah’s Witnesses who don’t celebrate birthdays, we love a well cultured human
TotallyNotGio - Πριν μήνα
I joined for 1! Take that damien
Azure Voltic
Azure Voltic - Πριν μήνα
Mari, I hate to burst your bubble, but movies can have more than three sequels, and the "10 hour movie" made by tv shows can be made by movies too. For example, the Harry Potter series had 8 movies, each one about 2 hours long. That's about 16 hours of stuff to watch. Given, the Harry Potter movies are based off of the books to which there are a lot of, but that doesn't change the fact that movies can be a series just like tv shows.
Kaela 10
Kaela 10 - Πριν μήνα
Omg this showed me how much I hate Noah
Jordan Overlock
Jordan Overlock - Πριν μήνα
It's not the zombie apocalypse. It's five zombies!
PJSparklez - Πριν μήνα
On August 8th it is National Sneak Some zucchini Onto Your Neighbor's Porch Day
Kaiya Antieau
Kaiya Antieau - Πριν μήνα
i would like to know what the end of the final sentence in the scrolling news is though "scientists around the world have confirmed the one true religion is" (12:32)
spencer mason
spencer mason - Πριν μήνα
How the hell did boze win. Everybody loves to make joven lose
Nicholas Brady
Nicholas Brady - Πριν μήνα
At 10:24 I could not stop laughing
Lemmy Koopa King
Lemmy Koopa King - Πριν μήνα
12:32 its actually the opposite. Also please leave religion out of youtube.
Assanation 356
Assanation 356 - Πριν μήνα
3:48 its 5 zombies they are rotting corpses just kick them in the knee then stomp on them and there are 6 of you Joven should've won
Gormstorm - Πριν μήνα
I only agree with one of these. Joven's point was valid, the group would survive. I agree with Noah that movies are better. In the end, I believe that Damien is right about birthday parties being better
Jamyjam 9
Jamyjam 9 - Πριν μήνα
I don’t have target in this country
Aleeza Fatima
Aleeza Fatima - Πριν μήνα
The girls look so kawaii☺️☺️
CowLicker - Πριν μήνα
Matt saves large popcorn from a burning theater
queen crafter13
queen crafter13 - Πριν μήνα
master debaters sounds like masturbate-ers
Michaela D'Angelo
Michaela D'Angelo - Πριν μήνα
I wasn’t even listening to Shayne and Damien(I know it’s spelled wrong) I was reading the news at the bottom 😂
MasterSpirit1000 - Πριν μήνα
Sooooo what's the one true religion according to scientists?
Valenkore - Πριν μήνα
he should have just said we have wes
Christianthebeast 1
Christianthebeast 1 - Πριν μήνα
Master debaters haha I get it 😂😂
Atum - Πριν μήνα
What's up with Mari's face? Didn't even recognize her the first minutes lol
Lauren - Πριν 2 μήνες
omg i love the this
MattyPatty Wesley
MattyPatty Wesley - Πριν 2 μήνες
I actually bought this game. But no one want to play it with me... 😫😫😫😫
TheUnrealGamer - Πριν 2 μήνες
In middle school science we played this game but the topic was whether something was living or not. My opponent and I got water and I had to argue that water was alive and won.
Matt Dancer
Matt Dancer - Πριν 2 μήνες
Is Shayne a free agent. Smosh quad vlogs. Smosh games Damien and Shayne show
William Wren
William Wren - Πριν 2 μήνες
There was no way that boze one against Jovens argument
Matt Dancer
Matt Dancer - Πριν 2 μήνες
12:33 things got real
the bacon king
the bacon king - Πριν 2 μήνες
When Mari was talk I was thinking *fillers*
Harley Post
Harley Post - Πριν 2 μήνες
Honestly I love Boze with long hair
cry5t4l m3th
cry5t4l m3th - Πριν 2 μήνες
honestly Shayne and Damien arguing is my last two braincells at 3 am when I'm deciding if I should sleep or re watch Maricraft again
cry5t4l m3th
cry5t4l m3th - Πριν 2 μήνες
"argument round,GO"
Grace Jones
Grace Jones - Πριν 2 μήνες
Where did bose get that top?
Dave Escala
Dave Escala - Πριν 2 μήνες
Contributions to murderers😂
Maddy Zipp
Maddy Zipp - Πριν 3 μήνες
What about the Harry Potter Saga?
Sam Grabowska
Sam Grabowska - Πριν 3 μήνες
I have never had a birthday party before in my life and I am 12
Brixter Geronimo
Brixter Geronimo - Πριν 3 μήνες
Ivy ‘Hatch
Ivy ‘Hatch - Πριν 3 μήνες
Only part I can remember is” AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA” for 7 seconds straight 😁😂
Luke Calder
Luke Calder - Πριν 3 μήνες
Soup Productions
Soup Productions - Πριν 3 μήνες
Your sound guy is youuuuuung
dark saint
dark saint - Πριν 3 μήνες
At first glance I thought it was smosh diabetes
Kanagaraj Tharun
Kanagaraj Tharun - Πριν 3 μήνες
I literally died laughing during Damien and shayne simultaneous debate
Emmi- Chan
Emmi- Chan - Πριν 3 μήνες
I'm a witness.
Casio Mepody
Casio Mepody - Πριν 3 μήνες
Wait Mari is still here? She's the oldest member of smosh left
LuckoftheKevin - Πριν 4 μήνες
For the record, Mari didn't mention a single tv show as an example. She only mentioned Netflix series, which while they share a format with tv shows, does not actually involve a television.
Arnold Hubbard
Arnold Hubbard - Πριν 4 μήνες
Jehovah witnesses don't celebrate anything
madhatten00 - Πριν 4 μήνες
Movies are better. While it's true tv shows are good too, they get ruined over time a lot. Flash has totally detracted from it's source at this point. Flashpoint was a total wreck. Just cause you have more time to cover a plot doesn't make that plot any better than if it were shown in a film. If anything, flashpoint paradox was a great movie cause it's a singular thing.
Alan Gaming
Alan Gaming - Πριν 4 μήνες
heard damien and shayne screaming and staring at each other the first 3 seconds of the vid off to a great start
DevilboyScooby - Πριν 4 μήνες
In Damien's defence, the round was about _parties_ , not the holidays themselves. I don't know if that many people throw parties for "National mitten day"...
Elizabeth Lally
Elizabeth Lally - Πριν 5 μήνες
Joven won the first argument by far.
Toivo Salonen
Toivo Salonen - Πριν 5 μήνες
Pick rush motion developing life murder finally baseball previously round.
Brian Perez
Brian Perez - Πριν 5 μήνες
1 2
damon kehl
damon kehl - Πριν 5 μήνες
its smosh so its not board-ing

hahahahahahahahaha bad pun
kinghalopro Xbox
kinghalopro Xbox - Πριν 5 μήνες
Joven let's block the only entrance to escape. And we could use books or board games as wepons 💯 chance of staying alive.
Captain Koala88
Captain Koala88 - Πριν 5 μήνες
*im number five*
*and I’m number four*
*Guuhuuh what!?!?*
Cassidy Jackson
Cassidy Jackson - Πριν 5 μήνες
noah marry me pls
Titus Powers
Titus Powers - Πριν 5 μήνες
Who else thought they were actually in sohinkis grandma's basement?
Mew Mystify
Mew Mystify - Πριν 5 μήνες
I actually saw this in Target the other day
let's talk about harry potter
let's talk about harry potter - Πριν 5 μήνες
My thoughts:
Smosh wouldn't survive the zombie apocalypse together, but I think Mari would become a dictator and Noah would hide with shelter and go insane for the rest of his life.
let's talk about harry potter
let's talk about harry potter - Πριν 5 μήνες
Can Dan and Phil please play this?
let's talk about harry potter
let's talk about harry potter - Πριν 5 μήνες
I want this game but my mom isn't sure because it sounds like "Masterbaters"
thatotherfangirl - Πριν 5 μήνες
I bought this game, my family loves it! thank you!
Piriathy - Πριν 5 μήνες
"maybe until 25 when your insurance goes down" just tacitly pointing out how ppl can't afford health insurance XD
Thijssie Berg
Thijssie Berg - Πριν 5 μήνες
Wait a second... isn’t Christmas a birthday 😂😂😅
Potato Master
Potato Master - Πριν 5 μήνες
Mari:''He was yelling at you (Boze)''
Shayne:''He was yelling at YOU!! (Mari)''
Me:''Mari you were yelling at him (Noah)''
LIGHTING LDRAGO - Πριν 5 μήνες
Was cut off
LIGHTING LDRAGO - Πριν 5 μήνες
Any one else see in the news thing "scientist have confirmed the one true religion essay
krder - Πριν 5 μήνες
sydney kawana
sydney kawana - Πριν 5 μήνες
They filmed this on my 13th Birthday
Lone - Πριν 5 μήνες
national pancake day was actually on the 13th of february.
Amanda Leventhal
Amanda Leventhal - Πριν 6 μήνες
the quiplash reference!!! play that again pleaseeeeeeee
Mags Xo
Mags Xo - Πριν 6 μήνες
Wolf -E
Wolf -E - Πριν 6 μήνες
I love Damien and Shayne
Revolution019 - Πριν 6 μήνες
Wait does this mean i need friends to play this
JMW - Πριν 6 μήνες
This was definitely one of my favorite episodes😂
Nitrobolt 3883
Nitrobolt 3883 - Πριν 6 μήνες
I thought they were in Sohinki's grandma's basement
Mikael P.
Mikael P. - Πριν 6 μήνες
I wasn't looking at the video when the screaming in the beginning happened so I thought everyone screamed but it was only Shayne and Damien 😂
Cyber Blade
Cyber Blade - Πριν 6 μήνες
9:20 actually the Lord of the rings trilogy is 12-13 hours long.
As captain of my school's debate team AND mock trial team AND model UN, this was ok. Mari was trash though. The gay one was good at spreading
113WOLFY113 - Πριν 6 μήνες
1=yes 2=yes 3=no so 3
Aiden Faylinn
Aiden Faylinn - Πριν 6 μήνες
There sound guy is 17 years old
Reece Bar
Reece Bar - Πριν 6 μήνες
Weird Im about the same age as Greg, just 3 months apart
Kellsey Hartmann
Kellsey Hartmann - Πριν 6 μήνες
"Are the snakes eternal or is the pit eternal" "it's a little bit of both" both the snakes and the pit are a little eternal? How can this be??
Travis Gardner
Travis Gardner - Πριν 6 μήνες
There's something about Noah that I can't put a finger on, it feels like he might have been in a Mock Trial, but I don't know for certain.
hackerquin - Πριν 6 μήνες
Once again Smosh Games has been declared the coolest YouTube channel. Matt Raub rescues large popcorn from burning theater. His wife is still missing. Tom Holland quits Spider-Man, Marvel in talks with Rebel Wilson to take helm. Scientist around the world have confirmed the one true religion is
Thomas Mahler
Thomas Mahler - Πριν 6 μήνες
I bought this game today can’t stop playing
Rhiannon Adams
Rhiannon Adams - Πριν 6 μήνες
I really hate it having them both talk at the same time. I just want to hear each argument separately.
Angel Hernandez
Angel Hernandez - Πριν 6 μήνες
Noah vs Mari hte new Civil War