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Cut - Πριν 28 ημέρες
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GuinnessandPizza - Πριν 2 ημέρες
No thanks. They're rude as hell.
Kamen Petrov
Kamen Petrov - Πριν 6 ημέρες
I love seeing 25 yo "life coaches" makes me laugh
talentedmangina - Πριν 7 ημέρες
Versace or, he was lying about his income and makes more. He has the only iPhone 9.
nestor alvarez
nestor alvarez - Πριν 7 ημέρες
Red head looks better here than on her instagram
Havaseet2 - Πριν 2 ώρες
Kind of a let down...I was really hoping for all of them to be millionaires.
Dasoul - Πριν 3 ώρες
"You have an iPhone?" - Yes. "is it the X?" No. "is it the ten?" DAFUUUUUUQ
okokchillbruh - Πριν 3 ώρες
iphone 9ish by the way
Jagoda - Πριν 4 ώρες
I think it is really sad and pathetic that they included the big black woman that is saying "You look like a hoe" to the other lady that is clearly working very hard to get what she has, WITHOUT selling her body. As if women were too stupid to earn with talent and intelligence... Just beyond rude...
FREE Will Dummies!
FREE Will Dummies! - Πριν 4 ώρες
Guess my income, guess what? I'm gonna rob yo ass lmao 🤣 jk
C S - Πριν 5 ώρες
The fuck? Show us the damn income you dumb cucks. Leaving.
Shagufta Ali very good
Shagufta Ali very good - Πριν 7 ώρες
sarah j.
sarah j. - Πριν 11 ώρες
big black bish could actually sense the 200k lady had the $$$ & was jealoussss rude....
yausernametaken - Πριν 11 ώρες
Are the guessers OK? how are they casually guessing 300k and 1 mil for people?
bts trash
bts trash - Πριν 12 ώρες
shows you don't have to dress well to be rich
Stephen Brady
Stephen Brady - Πριν 12 ώρες
Creed Bratton?
Dorissa Claire
Dorissa Claire - Πριν 13 ώρες
.... except there literally isn’t an iPhone 9
Conner Fields
Conner Fields - Πριν 13 ώρες
"Hoe's" don't always do their work voluntarily, some (but not all) are trafficked.
Aaron K
Aaron K - Πριν 13 ώρες
I bet that German exterminator has lots of Jewish clients....
J Oh
J Oh - Πριν 14 ώρες
fucking life coach wtf lot of lost souls out there.. .selling hope to the hopeless
Poldi Aleman
Poldi Aleman - Πριν 14 ώρες
Omg the IT guy is so handsome
Rocky Rock
Rocky Rock - Πριν 18 ώρες
“Was I right?” “No” “what happened?” “I’m not broke” 😂
My Name is
My Name is - Πριν 18 ώρες
Iphone 9 lol
Rachel R.
Rachel R. - Πριν 19 ώρες
I know these are supposed to be "funny" but some of the people who do the guessing are embarrassing and disrespectful. Cringe af.
CxerRy96 - Πριν 21 ώρα
IDK if that's an american thing but as a european i could guess the most casual, least groomed person was into it it's kind of a meme really...always the bulky shoes, patchy beard and cargo pants
Keith Freeman
Keith Freeman - Πριν 21 ώρα
Manager face girl...looks like my first crush.
nikolas charlie
nikolas charlie - Πριν 22 ώρες
"It was when my first wife tried to stab me to death in a coke-induced rage :)" "oh,"
wowerman - Πριν 23 ώρες
What is the point of this video?I may look like dirty beggar but at the same time be very wealthy.Btw,some wealthy people tend to keep numbers private.Again, what is the point of this video?
Nick Nejat Can
Nick Nejat Can - Πριν ημέρα
I make -63k a year
college YEET
The PAW - Πριν ημέρα
You make that money but what do you take home ..that's what I wanna know..
The PAW - Πριν ημέρα
Most of the men need to buy new pants with whatever money they have...
Ninja Of The Darkness
Ninja Of The Darkness - Πριν ημέρα
holy shit 200k a year
Herr Leeker
Herr Leeker - Πριν ημέρα
The idea that Ginger broad makes almost nothing is no surprise, she can't even dress herself without making a hash.
Juliano Alfredo
Juliano Alfredo - Πριν ημέρα
What does a life coach do???
Please explain me if...

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Will miles
Will miles - Πριν ημέρα
what a bunch of cunts
Emma Vind
Emma Vind - Πριν ημέρα
Jorge Siles
Jorge Siles - Πριν ημέρα
Hahaha life coach??? Ppl ar stupid.
Aysha Shakur
Aysha Shakur - Πριν ημέρα
"Oh so you da hoe" 😂😂😂😂😂😂
Caileigh JONES - DIMATTEO - Πριν ημέρα
Is no one gonna say anything about the guys "iPhone 9"?
Molly Clark
Molly Clark - Πριν ημέρα
Yeh i can tell you killed some people haha
Manglam Srivastava
Manglam Srivastava - Πριν ημέρα
When did iPhone 9 released I wanna buy it
E. Camilo
E. Camilo - Πριν ημέρα
Wow. That computer science student is more like webdesign. Wish I had those back on my days in college.
jon ray reagan ray reagan
jon ray reagan ray reagan - Πριν ημέρα
Life coach making more than nurses lol
Satan - Πριν ημέρα
does the asian guy not know that asians make more money than whites? so sad to see that black people brainwashed asians too
I M A QYN - Πριν ημέρα
I guessed one - that woman with the orange blouse 200K. She looks like she makes that much.
Fatnisse - Πριν ημέρα
aye how y'all keep getting jalen ramsey up on here all the time?
ImCurf - Πριν ημέρα
that redheads top tho.. such a big gap with her boobs lol.. africa would fit between that
Jennie lopez
Jennie lopez - Πριν ημέρα
So a successful woman is a ho? ... and you can only be a millionaire if you’re white? Yikes this is some next level ignorance
Never24Summer - Πριν ημέρα
No one likes the rich girl
Josh G
Josh G - Πριν ημέρα
The guy guessing with the hat is so dumb. A McDonalds could be in there and he’d be like “uuuuh I’d say you make 200 thousand a year”. Then a CEO of a top company he’d be like “no you’re definitely broke”
Josh G
Josh G - Πριν ημέρα
McDonald’s cook*
Salty Sushi
Salty Sushi - Πριν ημέρα
How to start conversation
*”You smell like weed”*
I like Supras
I like Supras - Πριν ημέρα
Fuck these people judging
Matthew Castillo
Matthew Castillo - Πριν ημέρα
Someone get Andrew Luck here and his flip phone 😂
Miranda McCoy
Miranda McCoy - Πριν ημέρα
I guessed the top two and knew the one who was IT lol
Rossy Rocks
Rossy Rocks - Πριν ημέρα
"Iphone 9" no, no, no
viptop 88
viptop 88 - Πριν ημέρα
Oh God I need the iPhone 9, I’m jealous
Bart Starr
Bart Starr - Πριν ημέρα
Lmao the Asian guy had me dead
Lia Namirr
Lia Namirr - Πριν ημέρα
I totally want to be on this!!
andy lopez
andy lopez - Πριν ημέρα
Do this in the midwest, that's the real challenge
Olivia Oetjen
Olivia Oetjen - Πριν ημέρα
iPhone 9😂😂
Don Wal
Don Wal - Πριν ημέρα
that redhead is hot and she knows it
MrWolf - Πριν ημέρα
people think i make a million, i live in a garage
Woody Dixon
Woody Dixon - Πριν ημέρα
How is that 15 year old girl a life coach? she hasn't even gotten her license
Total Bullion
Total Bullion - Πριν ημέρα
Wow, I wasn't expecting racism from the Asian guy.
Jaguar7444 - Πριν ημέρα
That was hard. Kinda entertaining. I'm at the top end of their incomes... Sometimes I dress nice, sometimes like a bum.
ビーエル読者白竜 - Πριν ημέρα
"The famous guy!"
*_Goes for a high five_*
Ty Williamson
Ty Williamson - Πριν ημέρα
Her being white would not make her any wealthier racist
Sophiep Tran
Sophiep Tran - Πριν ημέρα
This vid is very buzzfeedy. Aside from the hairdresser most of those people fit the bill. Rich people don't tend to wear expensive clothes because they know the value of money. Poor people like expensive clothes because it's a way for them to signal a class difference. Of course there are exceptions but I've found this to be generally true from my experience. Warren Buffet buys shirts from Target. lol
Tza Hiko
Tza Hiko - Πριν ημέρα
What is wrong with the redhead her clothes, they don't even fit lol
ExamplePlayz !!
ExamplePlayz !! - Πριν ημέρα
Life and business coach...... useless
Austin Maze
Austin Maze - Πριν ημέρα
So being a life coach earns you 15k-20k? 200,000 a year...? Something is off
Aaron Harvey
Aaron Harvey - Πριν 2 ημέρες
how these people making all this money?!?!
Stefan Kurcubic
Stefan Kurcubic - Πριν 2 ημέρες
''Computer science''! Iphone 9? Damn, why do you even pay for school?
gigglyme2001 - Πριν 2 ημέρες
What’s with stripper Barbie?
my wife left me
my wife left me - Πριν 2 ημέρες
I am poor :'( no wonder my wife left me
Mario Perez
Mario Perez - Πριν 2 ημέρες
Homeless looking guy turned out to be second richest lmao
EpilepsyWarning - Πριν 2 ημέρες
That's how it goes. I look homeless half the time and wear shitty clothes but make over 200k a year
Sarah Dalian
Sarah Dalian - Πριν 2 ημέρες
There is no such thing as an iPhone 9
Fab Juh
Fab Juh - Πριν 2 ημέρες
4:23 thinking about how many lives he ended
Julie Bowers
Julie Bowers - Πριν 2 ημέρες
I feel so bad for the older lady's knowledge of the types of jobs out there.... :/
Kevin g
Kevin g - Πριν 2 ημέρες
Asian guy is racist af
aspiknf - Πριν 2 ημέρες
This world is shallow...income doesn't mean anything. I think the genius Nikola Tesla hardly made any money yet he had more intelligence than 10 of the top millionaires combined
Kristina Lorren
Kristina Lorren - Πριν 2 ημέρες
My dad makes 500k a year and up until now I just thought it was normal (he’s a lawyer)
takaa e
takaa e - Πριν 2 ημέρες
I'm 15k a year :(
Brooklyn Bellman
Brooklyn Bellman - Πριν 2 ημέρες
4:34 that man looked sad I wanted to cry😢
Shan Shin
Shan Shin - Πριν 2 ημέρες
Computer science student
Dan Archer
Dan Archer - Πριν 2 ημέρες
I wonder if she has ever been to a wine mixer
Joel D
Joel D - Πριν 2 ημέρες
Yo youtube get this out of my recommended....
MrKushinator420 - Πριν 2 ημέρες
red be LEGGY damn breh
MrKushinator420 - Πριν 2 ημέρες
I'm also in computer science. Let's get married
יעקב - Πριν 2 ημέρες
People who don't give two shits what they look like always killin the financial game...
The B A Bear
The B A Bear - Πριν 2 ημέρες
There is no iPhone 9
Tiara Burns
Tiara Burns - Πριν 2 ημέρες
Who was the cutie with the man bun? Asking for a friend
EpilepsyWarning - Πριν 2 ημέρες
He was ugly asf what are you talking about
Alex Stava
Alex Stava - Πριν 2 ημέρες
I make 350 a month ffs
Senam Lawson
Senam Lawson - Πριν 2 ημέρες
Why is that one black guy so fucking arrogant? You'd think he's better than everyone or something.
Phillip Aubin
Phillip Aubin - Πριν 2 ημέρες
A lot of people act like they have money. Let's see that credit report, champ.
Sarina Abrianna
Sarina Abrianna - Πριν 2 ημέρες
how does she make 200k yearly though? reading online it says the average at most is 80k ? 🤧
К_видео - Πριν 2 ημέρες
iPhone 9??? 2:56
Domgames 123
Domgames 123 - Πριν 2 ημέρες
Bro the iPhone 9 is the goat phone
dl1sf - Πριν 2 ημέρες
The real hoe walked away making $20 a blowjob in Honda cars 🖕🏿
Cameron Francis
Cameron Francis - Πριν 2 ημέρες
This has gotta be one of the dumbest/gayest videos I've ever seen. Each contestant was just a weird extraverted loser who thought they were funny. Huge waste of my time.
RACHEL KNECHT - Πριν 2 ημέρες
J P - Πριν 2 ημέρες
The Asians prepared for the flood
The Undaunted
The Undaunted - Πριν 2 ημέρες
I wear Johnston & Murphy leather sandals, Macy's off-the-rack beach attire, a $700. gold Citizen Eco Drive, $400. Versace shades and carry the business cards of the world's top tier web developers and techies worth tens of billions of dollars so I can tell strangers the history of DARPA...
Why do I not wear satin tights on Safari?
John Michael Stock
John Michael Stock - Πριν 2 ημέρες
"It's not about the money for me" Yeah ok.