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Topanga BlackFang1998
Topanga BlackFang1998 - Πριν 6 μήνες
Star War bits were cool.
Pedro Cruz
Pedro Cruz - Πριν 9 μήνες
Security guy on the left looked like Jim Parsons from a distance...
Warborn - Πριν 11 μήνες
Marc Bernardin being unemployed is a sin
JuanPaulFilms - Πριν 11 μήνες
There's a documentary with all these guys, it was so cool once I realized they were in fact the same passionate fans in the documentary. Star Wait. Intresting watch into the world of early 2000's fandom.
williestyle35 - Πριν 11 μήνες
I went to sci-fi conventions and chatted online with other fans, before 1999.. :/|
RichC Gaming
RichC Gaming - Πριν χρόνο
Anyone else want to hear Grimlock's ideas for clerks?
Napalmbrain - Πριν χρόνο
If you end up giving this a good review I will be baffled. This shit makes less sense than the prequels, not even joking.
Timmy James Official
Timmy James Official - Πριν χρόνο
Kevin you gotta hire grimlock
Forum and Brim
Forum and Brim - Πριν χρόνο
Now that you've seen The Last Jedi, I hope you do a real review for the sake of future Star Wars movies. They have to understand this shit is unacceptable. What a fucking horrible movie. I saw Star Wars, the original, in a drive-in movie when I was six years old, so I go way back as well and was utterly disappointed in this movie. Between the schizophrenic plot turns, the banal dialog, and the social engineering agenda, they reduced a universe to little more than a verse, and they gave this guy a trilogy without even seeing how this movie played out. What does that tell you?
Forum and Brim
Forum and Brim - Πριν χρόνο
Was Samaire taking a shot at Marc?
Jamie Case
Jamie Case - Πριν χρόνο
Where is the 'Last Jedi' review? I need you to help me make some kind of sense out of this
Robin Frederiksen
Robin Frederiksen - Πριν χρόνο
Congrats on the 200th episode.
Impatiently waiting for yours and Marc's review of The Last Jedi. Been checking in on an hourly basis. When is it to be expected?
Love from Denmark...
Damien F
Damien F - Πριν χρόνο
Will Marc be getting a writing credit on The Last Jedi? See 15:44-16:58 of Fatman on Batman episode GEEKING OUT OVER STAR WARS AND CREED!
Marc continues to demonstrate his writing brilliance. Why is he not constantly in demand in Hollywood writing rooms?
WildSky - Πριν χρόνο
Bring it Kevin. What you think of what they did to Luke Skywalker.
Sofie Thomas Official - Fanpage
Sofie Thomas Official - Fanpage - Πριν χρόνο
abo vs abo
Blah Blah
Blah Blah - Πριν χρόνο
Wheres the star wars vid Kev.
Matt_Straker84.music - Πριν χρόνο
Spoiler warning....

Mark had you seen the script when you wrote your scene? It's basically in the fucking movie
Will S
Will S - Πριν χρόνο
Dude, we were all in aol chatrooms in 1999...
Sam Stone
Sam Stone - Πριν χρόνο
I really wish they had something like this in London. Grimlock was funny, Tahitian was not only funny but very cute (slightly smitten) but alas I'll have to make do with the podcast's. Keep it up Kevin and Mark you're both an inspiration as are the people that people living on the street voluntarily for 6 weeks.
Peter Genovese
Peter Genovese - Πριν χρόνο
Sam, we have line members who fly in from London, Scotland, Australia, Canada, etc. It doesn't stop them from joining our LiningUp.net lines!
boopiloopi - Πριν χρόνο
a big yes for a Denis Villeneuve star wars story. perhaps about that anti dimension or the sentient water planet? could be nice for a boba movie by him.
i´d see your star wars movie about the hammer head guy too kevin :), interestingly weird. get on that disney. is Villeneuve still doing dune? hope so.
jedha, Kashyyyk, the unexplored regions, how yoda became, the criminal underground i´d see all the star wars :D.
i´m with marc, they´ll age. snyders jl cut would be the least wb could do. there were a lot of bad decisions to jl.
morgan would probably play thomas, again.
r.i.p. carrie. fun about the dog. what would you say about judi dench as leia in 9? haven't seen tlj yet.
i´d see a kevin smith star wars parody for sure :).
the dc arrow verse is mostly great :), give them all the characters to play with.
could they keep the fox name, logo and fanfare?
howard´s a great director, looking forward to solo. i hope michael k williams gets another go at star wars down the line.
lord and miller could do a space/star wars parody perhaps.
i though the spaceship shots from the original battlestar looked very new hope :). models. meaning good.
i´d follow anywhere :)
love the shows.
Eric Emond
Eric Emond - Πριν χρόνο
Anyone got the full name of the actrice Tatiana, I have a friend working a small movie that would have maybe a part for her?
Michael Buck
Michael Buck - Πριν χρόνο
GRIMLOCK LIVES!!!! I knew we see him again after Star Wait.
Peter Genovese
Peter Genovese - Πριν χρόνο
Dude, come stop by one of our Star Wars lines, he and I will always be there lol Star Wait was a fun doc, really chronicled our experiences out there pretty well.
Gregory Hines
Gregory Hines - Πριν χρόνο
I will add my idea for the Han Solo project: Han, Lando, and Boba Fett are the three musketeers.
Lamashtar - Πριν χρόνο
...I thought the Old Prospector voice for Old Man Luke was the best.
Clayton Brown
Clayton Brown - Πριν χρόνο
for a guy who doesn't talk in all his movies you sure do have a lot to say when you're not filming, so essentially you're afraid of what you sound like on film and that's like a disease now with millions or billions of youtubers uploading videos but they can't talk to the camera.
Maltor Ramus
Maltor Ramus - Πριν χρόνο
Hecule poirot is not french is belgian
Anthony Phillips
Anthony Phillips - Πριν χρόνο
These two men have the knowledge and experience to come up with new ideas every week.
Anthony Phillips
Anthony Phillips - Πριν χρόνο
Kevin and Marc should collaborate on starting their own production company.
Dirk Lester
Dirk Lester - Πριν χρόνο
No really, the difference between DC TV and DC films is that the Berlantiverse people love those characters and the Film people are embarrassed by all the one's not named Batman.
Vindictive One
Vindictive One - Πριν χρόνο
I would reboot the knight rider !
nyurovski - Πριν χρόνο
KSmith vs eating Porg. So to a porg we are a sarlac pit?
Jason Haigh
Jason Haigh - Πριν χρόνο
Marcs scene legit, just made me cry!
Dennis Mason
Dennis Mason - Πριν χρόνο
@Kevin Smith - Iffa you hadda tol' me of your little shindig I woulda tol' the Janitor anna you could have met a real live superhero. But nooooooo we shall trample these icons with out smelly footwear and never learn to sing a single note because we are FOREVER 13...Be well signed your neighbor south of Franklin and seriously Andy Signorfuckhead never creeped you out? Wake up! I'm south of Franklin. Superheroes are real. Just ask Marc. Jeez Louise...
Ken Coakley
Ken Coakley - Πριν χρόνο
Grimlock and Kevin Smith could pass for brothers.
Enola Paul
Enola Paul - Πριν χρόνο
Principle interior fight rural listen people fifty select dirt.
steven horton
steven horton - Πριν χρόνο
This is great! Somehow I remember A different Hollywood. Where is the BDSM shop across the street? 1996 or 95. 777 bitches. Comment I mean.
blaztec333 - Πριν χρόνο
Are any of Kevin Smith’s movies on Hulu or Netflix or Amazon?
Rollo427 - Πριν χρόνο
Congratulations on 200 episodes. Love the show in every incarnation there's been. It's always a joy to listen to Kevin and Marc talk about the pointless junk I love. Here's hoping for several hundred more episodes.
Angelo Sue
Angelo Sue - Πριν χρόνο
I love the meatheads  standing behind marc and kevin
Leviticus Jordan
Leviticus Jordan - Πριν χρόνο
Congratulations on 200 episodes!!! I love you guys. And, it's Heart, Humor, Spectacle that motivate the people in the Berlantiverse. I learned that from listening to your podcast and from reading what the man himself said about it. Keep talking and enlightening us. We love it and we love you!!
Ben Graven
Ben Graven - Πριν χρόνο
Kevin would’ve been fantastic writing for Roseanne.And I’m pretty sure he said he was a big fan of that show.
Rojenn Ortiz
Rojenn Ortiz - Πριν χρόνο
1:34:30 Savage
traumahound00 - Πριν χρόνο
And that joke about the JL trash can is why Affleck doesn't talk to Kev anymore :D
Paul Burrows
Paul Burrows - Πριν χρόνο
Happy 200th guys.
MClancer18 - Πριν χρόνο
They got rid of AOL/emails right?
jessica butler
jessica butler - Πριν χρόνο
Umm excuse me! But why is a boy reading for ray “just nasty”? Very fucking disappointed! 😡
thompsonanimation - Πριν χρόνο
I gather that these folks who stand in line do good, charitable work. That said, I wouldn't open the 200th episode with repeated discussion of these people having sex in public. Embarrassing for everyone involved.
Mr. Teezy
Mr. Teezy - Πριν χρόνο
marc still has a massive stick up his ass, i see.
jessica butler
jessica butler - Πριν χρόνο
Happy 200th! ❤️🇨🇦
Fallen Jace
Fallen Jace - Πριν χρόνο
There is a hooters acrossed the street from the Chinese Theater?
Elizabeth Sweeney
Elizabeth Sweeney - Πριν χρόνο
Congrats on 200 episodes! Keep it up! I listen to the podcast at work and it definitely helps me get through the day!
Poopah - Πριν χρόνο
That dude was cringey
Craig Haasis
Craig Haasis - Πριν χρόνο
Kevin and Marc, thank you SO MUCH for doing this for those of us at LiningUp.net and Starlight.org/LiningUp! You've brought awareness to a GREAT cause.
To everyone that enjoyed Grimlock, we'll pass on all your kind words and support to him. He really is one of you/us. A genuinely awesome guy.
The Flips
The Flips - Πριν χρόνο
"The Chinese was like yeah whatever, we don't want anything to do with you."
Nate Sosa
Nate Sosa - Πριν χρόνο
My buddy Brandon Gash! He just shared this on his fb so I had to come see! Very talented dude.
Nickolaus Deshaies
Nickolaus Deshaies - Πριν χρόνο
Bring Grimlock back for more. He was funny
Yo Stabba Stabba
Yo Stabba Stabba - Πριν χρόνο
I worried the whole time that the 3rd guy wasn't gonna get a prize.
Nico Amurao
Nico Amurao - Πριν χρόνο
Congrats on the 200th Ep! At the TCL too, what a great venue to remember it by! Took my Girlfriend there early this year when we visited from the UK and we got to go on a tour and at the time they had some great Star Wars memorabilia on display and a cabinet dedicated to Carrie Fisher. Loved every second of it! I've been binge watching FMOBM for a couple weeks now and I will keep tuning in for more! Been a long time fan Kev, keep up the good work! Question to both of you... Are you guys ever going to do FMOBM in London!?... Again? (Just watched the LFCC vid, oops!)
Your GEEKY Neighbor
Your GEEKY Neighbor - Πριν χρόνο
Grimlock Rocks. Kevin give that guy a spot. There is a movie to be made (Dazed and Confused, Fanboys style) of the Standing in Line for Star Wars stuff. Also I can definitely see Jay and Silent Bob being included in that film. Thanks Kevin and Marc for Farman on Batman and the SMODCAST stuff, it really helps make my workdays easier hearing people talk about the things I love and my interests in the background during the daily grind.
Your GEEKY Neighbor
Your GEEKY Neighbor - Πριν χρόνο
Peter Genovese yep, Kevin Smith would be that perfect someone to write that script and direct it.
Peter Genovese
Peter Genovese - Πριν χρόνο
Yeah, we've had a few documentaries made about us over the years (Star Wait, Starwoids, etc.) but it's pretty surreal to know that an actual script was written and movie is being planned based on us. That's crazy! I've already been a consultant on the script since I'm one of the Co-founders of LiningUp.net and have been in every line and helped organize them all and know all the history and experiences of the lines we've done. But shit, would be awesome if @Kevin Smith wrote his own version!
Your GEEKY Neighbor
Your GEEKY Neighbor - Πριν χρόνο
Craig Haasis That's cool I would definitely be interest in seeing that. Ok now I must start plotting a way for me to see The Last Jedi this weekend.
Craig Haasis
Craig Haasis - Πριν χρόνο
There IS a movie in the works coming soon! 'Line Kings'. They shot B-roll footage of us last night for it.
Yo Stabba Stabba
Yo Stabba Stabba - Πριν χρόνο
Just let these two be the Feiges of the DC Universe.
mark harmon
mark harmon - Πριν χρόνο
that dude is still a virgin who is he trying to kid?
smylexx - Πριν χρόνο
You know, you COULD buy tickets in advance in 1999. I came from the UK to see Phantom Menace and picked up my pre-booked tickets at the Zeigfeld Theatre in NYC with no fuss or waiting.
Lunar Vania
Lunar Vania - Πριν χρόνο
Congrats on the milestone! You and you're two's passion, hard work and dedication shines through in your content, here is to many many more!
greenbeancom38 - Πριν χρόνο
Cool beans . !!! Wakanda Forever !!! 🐱
Eddysonsan - Πριν χρόνο
Zenumasu Doragon
Zenumasu Doragon - Πριν χρόνο
I miss the old podcast format
CRAB JAB - Πριν χρόνο
Best video of all time.
Cos someone finally mentioned DAK. My best friend and my hero. I was gutted as a kid. Absolutely gutted
Vic atNyte
Vic atNyte - Πριν χρόνο
That's one positive thing to come out from the second trilogy is the sci-fi comeback, comic-cons, cosplay, comicbooks etc. It continued into the Pirates films, Lord of the Rings films,and bigly for the Harry Potter films then the Marvel Films
Cas C
Cas C - Πριν χρόνο
grimlock show ,.....now !!!!!!!! lolol
ScreenCapture Video
ScreenCapture Video - Πριν χρόνο
Are there #Clerks in The #GalacticEmpire? The #GalacticRepublic? The #OldRepublic? or The #InfiniteEmpire?
ScreenCapture Video
ScreenCapture Video - Πριν χρόνο
French Naga Sadaw?
ScreenCapture Video
ScreenCapture Video - Πριν χρόνο
I believe the path is grey agorism, not blue socialism or red communism i like George Lucas’s brodge across the generations. Rule yourself The Non Agression Principle should deal with felony & the rest is common law.
Roy Wilson
Roy Wilson - Πριν χρόνο
Tatiana is hot!
ScreenCapture Video
ScreenCapture Video - Πριν χρόνο
Till my dick falls off lolololol love that guy.
Johnny Cotton
Johnny Cotton - Πριν χρόνο
Damn that grimlock guy was funny
Bullseye - Πριν χρόνο
"I believe there might have been 1 or 2 conceived in line"
Kevin: *stunned* "...Could THAT happen?"
Hahahaha interest peaked
Sean Hoke
Sean Hoke - Πριν χρόνο
This used to be a podcast about Batman.
Space Ghost
Space Ghost - Πριν χρόνο
someone please resize the video during Grimlock, to just Marcs face...so many emotions.
Violette Verse
Violette Verse - Πριν χρόνο
happy 200th thanks for another amazing episode
Mic Mac
Mic Mac - Πριν χρόνο
What would it take to get Quentin Tarintino to do a comic book movie?
Nobinobi - Πριν χρόνο
Thanks guys!
Alex Brownstone
Alex Brownstone - Πριν χρόνο
A Batman movie with Bat-Mite sounds a lot like Happy......
Piro Man
Piro Man - Πριν χρόνο
lold about those 2 silent bobs in the background
Diamond Guerrero
Diamond Guerrero - Πριν χρόνο
Great show Fellas!
King Peppy
King Peppy - Πριν χρόνο
Congrats on the epic 200th, also, Marc, you're still entirely wrong about Iron Fist
NightwingTV - Πριν χρόνο
Grimlock has a huge cock fyi
NightwingTV - Πριν χρόνο
Craig Haasis Felt like thors hammer was weighing down on my forehead
Craig Haasis
Craig Haasis - Πριν χρόνο
You've had it in your face. You know its power and might.
Ben BamBoo
Ben BamBoo - Πριν χρόνο
Kevin, wtf is up with your lighting? Your vids are being shown through a dark filter and it looks really bad. Please fix it.
Justin - Πριν χρόνο
Acts like Star Wars wasn’t huge in 99...
nebula1400 - Πριν χρόνο
I suddenly love Marc for wanting to work on Angel! People forget how good that show was.
aleph mage
aleph mage - Πριν χρόνο
sorry the guys on jeda where not gay (Blind dude and machine gun guy). I'm sooooo sick of shit like this. Two guys who have been in combat can become brothers without sucking each others dicks.
mvunit3 - Πριν χρόνο
". . . and I pulled out"
FUCK YEAH! Grim-Lock! Saying things he's not supposed to say! FUCK YEAH!!! ♬(slaps forehead).
Those poor kids with their fathers and mothers . . . scarred for life.
Bryan Colvin
Bryan Colvin - Πριν χρόνο
The secret to great movies. See who the editor is. Watch behind scenes of a new hope. And you'll see how a movie that was headed for failure was saved by the edit
TheButtonLady - Πριν χρόνο
Peter Genovese
Peter Genovese - Πριν χρόνο
He has, I was there!
TracyTame - Πριν χρόνο
I love Grimlock! Smith, you better invite him back...
Tigre Blanco
Tigre Blanco - Πριν χρόνο
Am I the only person that love the ewoks
aleph mage
aleph mage - Πριν χρόνο
Diego Segovia
Diego Segovia - Πριν χρόνο
How 'bout a movie exploring how the Jedi came t' be?
Purefoldnz - Πριν χρόνο
There was no internet in 1999? WTF. There was the force.net there was aintitcool.com etc..
Cruella Entertainment
Cruella Entertainment - Πριν χρόνο
+Purefoldnz not alot houses had and no one had it walking in there pocket not like today
Purefoldnz - Πριν χρόνο
Was this filmed on a potato?
A. O. A
A. O. A - Πριν χρόνο