Ariana Grande - thank u, next (Clean Version) [Radio Edit]

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Sydney Healy
Sydney Healy - Πριν 14 ώρες
Thank u next beachball! Clean
jayden ortiz
jayden ortiz - Πριν ημέρα
I love your song you are my favorite
Patrick - Πριν 2 ημέρες
Bacon Eggs
Today I Played
Today I Played - Πριν 2 ημέρες
I liked what Ari did on the Ellen show..'I'm so, I'm so'...sounds better than silence lol
Adrianna Morrell
Adrianna Morrell - Πριν 2 ημέρες
Ari is her
V T.
V T. - Πριν 3 ημέρες
*’PARENTAL ADVISORY; Explicit Content’*
Me: Not Anymore!!!!😂✨❤️
Buddhist Sympathizer
Buddhist Sympathizer - Πριν 3 ημέρες
I've never understood the need for continual swearing in songs - What does it prove?
John McElhatton
John McElhatton - Πριν 3 ημέρες
I agree
Blanky Chicas
Blanky Chicas - Πριν 4 ημέρες
Malcon is mac miller
Like if you knew
Baby K Ari
Baby K Ari - Πριν 4 ημέρες
She says: That **** amazing (yeah, SHE'S amazing)
Not (yeah, ****'s amazing)
Elaina Lassiter
Elaina Lassiter - Πριν 4 ημέρες
I’m at school
BigFam Vlogs
BigFam Vlogs - Πριν 5 ημέρες
mac will be singing in his grave
chloe marshall
chloe marshall - Πριν 5 ημέρες
Isabel Beltran
Isabel Beltran - Πριν 6 ημέρες
You are so prity
christine Gutierrez
christine Gutierrez - Πριν 6 ημέρες
Yaneth Suarez
Yaneth Suarez - Πριν 6 ημέρες
Best song ever love you ariana❤❤❤❤❤❤❤💋
thea whitaker
thea whitaker - Πριν 6 ημέρες
I love that gasp at the end
Shaq0atmeal 1
Shaq0atmeal 1 - Πριν 6 ημέρες
I was hoping for ‘ I’m so so grateful for my ex’
christine Gutierrez
christine Gutierrez - Πριν 7 ημέρες
Ava Vlogs
Ava Vlogs - Πριν 7 ημέρες
Me : thank my ex OH NOPE WAY HO SAY
TAYLOR VOLASKI - Πριν 7 ημέρες
All I hear is “ Bacon eggs,bacon eggs” lol!
Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez - Πριν 8 ημέρες
I Preferred The Clean Version Of Thank U, Next, 1000% Times Better, Than The Explicit/Dirty Version.
Who Agrees With Me..
Please, Let Me Know.
Juan Gomez
Juan Gomez - Πριν 2 ημέρες
+Pierina Esser Ok., Agreed.
Pierina Esser
Pierina Esser - Πριν 7 ημέρες
I agree☺😉
Wesmin - Πριν 8 ημέρες
I was looking for a version without all the talking at the start and in the middle, not a annoying censored version. :(
Olivia _ Coco
Olivia _ Coco - Πριν 8 ημέρες
This song is a smash!
Boc Glasgow
Boc Glasgow - Πριν 8 ημέρες
remi miller
remi miller - Πριν 8 ημέρες
I love this song😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉😉👌👌👌👌👌✌✌✌✌👍👍👍👍👍😋😋😋😋😋😜😜😜😜😎😎😎😎 🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼🐼
Shaik Taher
Shaik Taher - Πριν 9 ημέρες
Original song is amazing
Veronika Vartanova
Veronika Vartanova - Πριν 9 ημέρες
Meh, that's not "clean", that's "lazily censored"
Angel Mason
Angel Mason - Πριν 7 ημέρες
i've listened to all of the clean versions of this song and all of them are like this... smh.
Abby Blackmon Loves Riverdale
Abby Blackmon Loves Riverdale - Πριν 9 ημέρες
Bacon and eggs 🎶
Paulo Miguel
Paulo Miguel - Πριν 10 ημέρες
Who do you think is pretty? Read the 3rd word
Alicia Paige
Alicia Paige - Πριν 10 ημέρες
What a tune!!❤
Gymnast Ava
Gymnast Ava - Πριν 10 ημέρες
Rip Mac.
jenny dilone
jenny dilone - Πριν 10 ημέρες
Thx Ariana for the greatest playlists
x_ Bxeauty _x
x_ Bxeauty _x - Πριν 11 ημέρες
Zara Aziz
Zara Aziz - Πριν 11 ημέρες
Im so ******* greatful for my eggs.
Bacon eggs, bacon eggs, bacon eggs...
futur3MIT07 - Πριν 11 ημέρες
thank u next
Katherine Criswell
Katherine Criswell - Πριν 11 ημέρες
iyanna knowlin
iyanna knowlin - Πριν 12 ημέρες
Bacon eggs

Mike n ikes
Break ya necks
Tariq Baig
Tariq Baig - Πριν 12 ημέρες
*Religious people have entered the chat*
Vuyiswa Mafoksho
Vuyiswa Mafoksho - Πριν 12 ημέρες
does anyone hear "bacon eggs" or "break your neck" instead of "thank you,next" i hear "bacon eggs"
Kennedy Blair
Kennedy Blair - Πριν 12 ημέρες
all i here is bacon, eggs.
Sania Weed
Sania Weed - Πριν 13 ημέρες
This song is my favorite❤️
Peachy - Πριν 13 ημέρες
I need a alarm tone so i'll have to do this
Cian Narne
Cian Narne - Πριν 13 ημέρες
The video is clean... but the lyrics in the description is not!!! Hahaha
jade Griffith
jade Griffith - Πριν 14 ημέρες
So funny how it say parental advisory 😂
Andronache Roxana
Andronache Roxana - Πριν 14 ημέρες
One reason I'm here : I'm Mormon😂
Samuel115s - Πριν 14 ημέρες
they could have just had "i'm so i'm so grateful for my ex" for the clean version.
ILikeChocolate09 - Πριν 15 ημέρες
When it says clean but then u read the description 🧐
aaron it roblox 'es brother
aaron it roblox 'es brother - Πριν 15 ημέρες
Her voise sounded like it cracked when she went yeah,yee
SnazzyYhatzee - Πριν 15 ημέρες
I'm so thankful for this song
Cookie Gamer99
Cookie Gamer99 - Πριν 15 ημέρες
for replay right click the video click loop keeps playing
YA YOU LUV ME FOR SAYIN THAT (probably not lol)
ROBLOXS and gacha life squad yay
ROBLOXS and gacha life squad yay - Πριν 15 ημέρες
I kind ahear the f word
Galaxy 54
Galaxy 54 - Πριν 15 ημέρες
I wish some one subcribed to my channel :( i am so bad maybe i should delte it :(
Saipolua Fetu Leapai
Saipolua Fetu Leapai - Πριν 16 ημέρες
Nice songs it like for me make a friend I wish you a marry Christmas
ALDC Gals - Πριν 16 ημέρες
When you want to listen to this song on a Sunday..
catnapz 101
catnapz 101 - Πριν 16 ημέρες
Thank you kleenex😂
Laura Nicole
Laura Nicole - Πριν 16 ημέρες
Such a catchy song! I did a cover of it on my channel if anyone wants to check it out!
Preetha Bolar
Preetha Bolar - Πριν 16 ημέρες
why did ariana break up with malcomn
hannah - Πριν 16 ημέρες
Lol tysm I love this song but I CAN’T STAND THE CUSS WORDS!
Evan morales Vlogs
Evan morales Vlogs - Πριν 16 ημέρες
thank you, next b####
Le Lievre
Le Lievre - Πριν 17 ημέρες
Still writing the f word in lyrics dipstick
Jordan Wilson
Jordan Wilson - Πριν 17 ημέρες
Clean version be like...
I’m so, I’m so grateful
I wish Malcom was still here💔
MariatheHarrypotterlover12 5
MariatheHarrypotterlover12 5 - Πριν 17 ημέρες
“Thank you,next” sounds like “bacon and eggs” XD
Love this song tho
Thanuj Fernando
Thanuj Fernando - Πριν 17 ημέρες
Me: Sneezes
Ariana: Bless you, Next
שי אביב
שי אביב - Πριν ημέρα
Thanuj Fernando lol nice!
Dalek Sram
Dalek Sram - Πριν 17 ημέρες
Those who dislike this are those who swear a lot. LMAO
Oskar Swiderski
Oskar Swiderski - Πριν 17 ημέρες
Thank you Eggs
Chicken Nugget
Chicken Nugget - Πριν 17 ημέρες
"Wish I could say thank you to Malcolm,Cause he was an Angel" This is the most Beautiful line ever
Supermarioeli Today 2
Supermarioeli Today 2 - Πριν 17 ημέρες
thank u, next
Natalia and Lilly
Natalia and Lilly - Πριν 18 ημέρες
I can’t help but hear “bakin eggs”
Doughnut37 - Πριν 18 ημέρες
What u should do is play I'm so twice like I'm so I'm so thankful for my ex instead of leaving a space
kawaiiqueen7699 unicornkawaii
kawaiiqueen7699 unicornkawaii - Πριν 18 ημέρες
No need for searching"
anna love
anna love - Πριν 18 ημέρες
thank u!!

Saffyedits_xo On ig
Saffyedits_xo On ig - Πριν 18 ημέρες
In love with this song!!😍❤️
Charlotte 4
Charlotte 4 - Πριν 18 ημέρες
I like shake it off by Ariana grande
Charlotte 4
Charlotte 4 - Πριν 18 ημέρες
Who is ari?😂😂
Charlotte 4
Charlotte 4 - Πριν 18 ημέρες
Wow thank u Ariana next song amiright! IM SUCH A COMEDIAN GUYS LIKE THIS COMMENT PLEASE tysm
brooke lokay
brooke lokay - Πριν 18 ημέρες
Nicest way to say fuck u😂😂
Susannah Simpson
Susannah Simpson - Πριν 18 ημέρες
your welcome 0:00
Makalah Macias
Makalah Macias - Πριν 19 ημέρες
This song is so good 💕❤️💛
Ana Júlia
Ana Júlia - Πριν 19 ημέρες
im so ................ grateful for my ex
Nidaa Daoud
Nidaa Daoud - Πριν 19 ημέρες
If my dad wasn't next to me I'd be playing so cardi b and no clean version
Ashley Juarez
Ashley Juarez - Πριν 19 ημέρες
This is my relationship with 4 guys too💔
JustViah - Πριν 20 ημέρες
When you have a infant but want to blast ariana grande lol So here i am lol
Teresa Gaton
Teresa Gaton - Πριν 20 ημέρες
I hear *Bacon Eggs, yuh, yee* in the end
Jon Morlow
Jon Morlow - Πριν 21 ημέρα
Thanks for this. I got inspired to make a Good Feels Songs Playlist, if y'all like listening and singing along to these nice vibe songs.
JustJordan777 ☺️
JustJordan777 ☺️ - Πριν 21 ημέρα
Where is the one who taught her how to be humble WAIT there was not one 🤣😂😝
Katie Maria
Katie Maria - Πριν 21 ημέρα
I love this song! #IndependentGirls!
Adriel Pelingon
Adriel Pelingon - Πριν 22 ημέρες
I'd be thanking my dad"
matthiasmunk - Πριν 22 ημέρες
There’s a really cool acapella cover of this here
maddox allen
maddox allen - Πριν 22 ημέρες
replay.exe has failed
Seanna Baggett
Seanna Baggett - Πριν 22 ημέρες
Lmao we all know we are just here cuz we want to play music in the car but our parents are in the car with us
Good2 Flazer
Good2 Flazer - Πριν 22 ημέρες
For some reason i hear "Bacon and Eggs" than Thank U Next
Annette Torres
Annette Torres - Πριν 22 ημέρες
Bacon eggs bacon eggs bacon eggs
ash cox
ash cox - Πριν 22 ημέρες
lovin it this song is a hit thank u neeeeeeext
neocityed !!!
neocityed !!! - Πριν 22 ημέρες
home alone: play the original one.
with parents home: clean version.
Derreck Asrouch
Derreck Asrouch - Πριν 7 ημέρες
neocityed !!! My dad dosent care😂
Unicorn_ Star
Unicorn_ Star - Πριν 21 ημέρα
neocityed !!! Same here
Katie Wilson
Katie Wilson - Πριν 23 ημέρες
Thank you next

Am I right 👏👏🙌😀
Annie Bug
Annie Bug - Πριν 23 ημέρες
Who else almost cried when she talked about Mac???
❤R.I.P Mac Miller❤
ava _ hunny
ava _ hunny - Πριν 23 ημέρες
**when your in the car with your mom and she gives you the deathly look Incase it says a bad word**
Shopkinslover0800 Let's have fun!
Shopkinslover0800 Let's have fun! - Πριν 8 ημέρες
Omg that's legit why I'm here😂
Wendy Martinez
Wendy Martinez - Πριν 23 ημέρες
I love the normal one wwwwwaaaaayyyyy better sorry
Mary-Simone Collazo
Mary-Simone Collazo - Πριν 23 ημέρες
It's the Clean know what that means...
Roblox gamin'
Roblox gamin' - Πριν 2 ημέρες
Not me my mom doesn't care lol
Olivia Rae
Olivia Rae - Πριν 2 ημέρες
most relatable comment every. thank u
James Carpenter
James Carpenter - Πριν 6 ημέρες
Mary-Simone Collazo I’m right here 😂
Shaq0atmeal 1
Shaq0atmeal 1 - Πριν 6 ημέρες
i like Bleach
i like Bleach - Πριν 8 ημέρες
Nope my parents aren't really strict, my friend just came over :)
John Tran
John Tran - Πριν 24 ημέρες
bacon egggssssssss bacon egg ss