Phil Dunphy Funniest Moments

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Get ORGANized not pianoized
Get ORGANized not pianoized - Πριν ημέρα
El Baron Samedi
El Baron Samedi - Πριν 4 ημέρες
The best of Phil Dunphy is the best of the show. He is the best character.
Chris Holth
Chris Holth - Πριν 5 ημέρες
Annalisa Ching
Annalisa Ching - Πριν 11 ημέρες
Phil reminds me of my dad. 😁😂
skater98austin - Πριν 12 ημέρες
Phil Dunphy as Ted Bundy
Shubhro Neil Tyagi
Shubhro Neil Tyagi - Πριν 19 ημέρες
Why would anyone dislike this?
Logan - Πριν 24 ημέρες
I regularly try and perform that routine Phil performs from High School Musical in front of the kids in my class. They are never impressed.
Kaylea VanSolkema
Kaylea VanSolkema - Πριν 27 ημέρες
From 1:44 - 2:35 I had to hold a full mouthful of juice because I was laughing so hard.
Triplets Whitman
Triplets Whitman - Πριν 2 μήνες
He’s like Michael Scott 😂😂😂
Triplets Whitman
Triplets Whitman - Πριν 2 μήνες
With a little bit of Jim halpert and Dwight
zr ake
zr ake - Πριν 2 μήνες
is it just me or phill does look like G-MAN?
andrea castro roche
andrea castro roche - Πριν 2 μήνες
I don´t remember when was the last time I laughed so hard at something!!!! Phil is so funny!!!!!!!
Lolita - Πριν 2 μήνες
I would marry Phil in a heartbeat.
Phoenix is Awesome
Phoenix is Awesome - Πριν 3 μήνες
Don't you mean to put ALL his appearances in the video?
PlantiPal - Πριν 3 μήνες
Dill Phumphy
KingKong19100 - Πριν 3 μήνες
Hello wife.
Honey it's okay, I don't feel things anymore :)
Good Messenger Jennifer 2.0/Malak
Good Messenger Jennifer 2.0/Malak - Πριν 3 μήνες
Phil is Jeff Goldblum, wearing Prosthetics!
Shady - Πριν 3 μήνες
"We all in this together" AHAHHAHA
Asaf Rousseau
Asaf Rousseau - Πριν 3 μήνες
That was a lot of eye contact with Phil
Delphine w.
Delphine w. - Πριν 4 μήνες
I want me a corny white man like Phil
Mel Lutz
Mel Lutz - Πριν 4 μήνες
He really kills every scene when he looks at the camera lol
Adrian Wagner
Adrian Wagner - Πριν 4 μήνες
Life before Dawn of the Dead
warm blankets
warm blankets - Πριν 4 μήνες
I started off thinking Phil was such a jackass but the more I watch the more I fall in love with his dorkiness
Joep Saris
Joep Saris - Πριν 4 μήνες
I missed Oasis for 💦 men 😂
Brad Freitas
Brad Freitas - Πριν 5 μήνες
honestly you could just take every single scene out of the series and just leave the ones with Phil in them, and it would still be more funny than 99% of the hot garbage on television
Moroccan Queen
Moroccan Queen - Πριν 5 μήνες
"Happy valenbirthaversury" 😂😂😂😂
DESSUARSKA - Πριν 5 μήνες
Pritzy B
Pritzy B - Πριν 5 μήνες
Absolutely love this guy! Made me crack up soo much thru out M.F
Dirtyirish22 - Πριν 6 μήνες
Best dad in tv history.
sexobscura - Πριν 6 μήνες
Shradha Rawat
Shradha Rawat - Πριν 6 μήνες
I Love Phil :-*
Thatgurl.G 20
Thatgurl.G 20 - Πριν 6 μήνες
This guy owns tv i have been watching this show since i was 9 in th uk(where i live) on sky 1i moved to the uk from USA where my mum watched this show on ABC she couldnt find it but i found it for her and i also got interested in it
yumna amjad
yumna amjad - Πριν 6 μήνες
My fantasy husband.there I said it
Smit Jain
Smit Jain - Πριν 7 μήνες
He's my all time favorite character from any TV series!! 😂
Jwats96 - Πριν 7 μήνες
Notorious One
Notorious One - Πριν 8 μήνες
You missed "to be honest, I'm turned on by powerful woman, Oprah, Michelle Obama, Condoleza Rice, Serena Will......wait a minute" looool
Coliando Here
Coliando Here - Πριν 8 μήνες
I am surprised the mighty jungle song isn't here. Remember the parody right?
duhawma - Πριν 9 μήνες
Wtf - why the face
Spaghetti - Πριν 9 μήνες
‘got to fix that step’
Tooba Ahmed
Tooba Ahmed - Πριν 10 μήνες
The looking into the camera moments are HILARIOUS AND ADORABLE at the same time !
ColdFeetComical - Πριν 11 μήνες
*Phil looks at the camera*
Luke B
Luke B - Πριν 11 μήνες
Favorite Phil Dunphy quote “it was my first time, her first time... with me”😂😂
Shreya Singh
Shreya Singh - Πριν 11 μήνες
My favourite Phil moment, rather episode is when a Harley falls on him and his jeans are stuck beneath it. It is a parody of 127 hours. That was a really well written and well enacted episode. 😂
Neptune's Beard
Neptune's Beard - Πριν 11 μήνες
easily the best character in the show
wiinterflowers - Πριν 11 μήνες
I don't watch the show but I LOVED Ty Burrell in the Dawn of Dead remake!
Daniel Triantopoulos
Daniel Triantopoulos - Πριν 11 μήνες
Phil’s replacement swear words is funny as - this show is the best.
Anamika Dutta
Anamika Dutta - Πριν 11 μήνες
I want someone like Phil Dunphy ❤️😂
Kitura - Πριν χρόνο
I'm like Shirley Temple and that black guy lmao
Lily Smalls
Lily Smalls - Πριν χρόνο
I love Phil! He's genuinely sweet and hilarious!
Abram Frazier
Abram Frazier - Πριν χρόνο
Tuning the banjo had me 😂💀
Kian Horn
Kian Horn - Πριν χρόνο
When your personality test says you have the same personality as Phil Dunphy and you are proud of it
Sukul Bagai
Sukul Bagai - Πριν χρόνο
Waste of time. Nothing about this was funny
sima harpak
sima harpak - Πριν χρόνο
I love him
Jacob Sheley
Jacob Sheley - Πριν χρόνο
People have compared me to Phil Dunphy, I always tell them how much of a compliment that is
Stephanie Ports
Stephanie Ports - Πριν χρόνο
He needs a nobel
Cal Westland
Cal Westland - Πριν χρόνο
He is my favorite character on the show!!!
Directioner315 - Πριν χρόνο
Sweet potatoes fries
chicken in a basket 😂😂😂😂😂😂
GavinM91 - Πριν χρόνο
Him and cam are pretty much the only reason I watch this show.
GameOfThronesHub - Πριν χρόνο
Star of the show. Nuff said
Renato Valdivian
Renato Valdivian - Πριν χρόνο
He is so hotttt ....
Michael Bailey
Michael Bailey - Πριν χρόνο
I don't know who's better. Phil or Mitchell.
Looney Longbottem
Looney Longbottem - Πριν χρόνο
'it's suppose to provide glare protection but apprently not from you'
MrQuader4 - Πριν χρόνο
Where was the moment where he edited the wedding video?
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sometimes gives those ted bundy stares.. it's scary!
Loide Sirongo
Loide Sirongo - Πριν χρόνο
I love phil
Angel - Πριν χρόνο
omg it's like Jim in the office when he looks at the camera 😂
Angel - Πριν χρόνο
Aditya Gaikwad
Aditya Gaikwad - Πριν χρόνο
Shriyan B
Shriyan B - Πριν χρόνο
What is the song at 0:36??
Eleni Kara
Eleni Kara - Πριν χρόνο
I love him !!! 😍
SE7EN - Πριν χρόνο
I wish my Dad would be like Phil..
Benny Kwok
Benny Kwok - Πριν χρόνο
Phil Dunphy is the dad I've always wanted: loving, fun, caring, and so much more.
Rachel Lambert
Rachel Lambert - Πριν χρόνο
Happy Valenbirthaversary ahahahahahah
alan clark
alan clark - Πριν χρόνο
I love lily like and comment if you agree
Namyag2357 - Πριν χρόνο
I love Phil but the editing of the clips is just shit.
affie15 - Πριν χρόνο
affie15 - Πριν χρόνο
Whahahah lol. I love yo mama jokes. Re-using 15 year old yo mama jokes to stand up for your one and only true love by pretending to be straight? Can you at least try to be a less incompetent? Since we're talking about moms, can you ask yours how many times she's been penetrated? For me? Plz? There's a theory stating there's a direct correlation between how many times a mom has been penetrated and how simple minded her meaningless offspring is. So your mom must've been that woman who f**ked over 300 guys after each other on one day. Look it up, maybe you can see the colossal void you came out of, and just maybe you can find out how it was possible you fell out of her while she was trying to keep semen from pouring on to her legs. Fool. xD
Jeremy Freeman
Jeremy Freeman - Πριν χρόνο
So was your Mom, but I didn't complain...neither did she. Fool
MetroVerse - Πριν χρόνο
I love the awkward looks they give the camera sometimes.
Yahya - Πριν χρόνο
Who has the best "staring awkwardly at the camera?" Phil Dunphy, Ben Wyatt or Jim Halpert?
Sizi - Πριν χρόνο
I Love Pil so much.
Gigi Face Glam
Gigi Face Glam - Πριν χρόνο
Clive Bixby!😂
Gigi Face Glam
Gigi Face Glam - Πριν χρόνο
Jennifer Martinezz
Jennifer Martinezz - Πριν χρόνο
phil is my spirit animal
King Of Sync
King Of Sync - Πριν χρόνο
Phil Dunphy is a total dork. What the hell did Claire see in him. I love M/F but I can't stand him. He is a carbon copy of my stupids ass brother
Gabriel murillo
Gabriel murillo - Πριν χρόνο
Jim gets the camera
Nayeli Dimas
Nayeli Dimas - Πριν χρόνο
me in a relationship 😂😂
Jenna Alyssa
Jenna Alyssa - Πριν χρόνο
my favorite that isn't on here is when he had the stone and he's like that's gotta be death death is coming and when alex had that guy that was obsessed with her in her room and claire is like is anyone else in here and alex goes do you see anyone else and phil comes in and goes do you?
Jeremy Freeman
Jeremy Freeman - Πριν χρόνο
RSPainter - Πριν χρόνο
First, I love Ed O'Neil just because I do. Otherwise Phil Dunphy is my favorite character.
Jay Valentine
Jay Valentine - Πριν χρόνο
what episode is it where hes tuning guitar ???
junn junn
junn junn - Πριν χρόνο
he's the best😂😂
Song Ji Hyo
Song Ji Hyo - Πριν χρόνο
Such a dilf!
Eleonora - Πριν χρόνο
okay so i have the weirdest crush on Phil. why tho...?
jesterd14 - Πριν χρόνο
Should have had the one where he was having his appendicitis attack and Claire gets changed and Phil says, "There's still time if you want to go put on tighter jeans."
George Sakk
George Sakk - Πριν χρόνο
Watch a sunrise a least once a day !
Lenina Josefina Bláhová
Lenina Josefina Bláhová - Πριν χρόνο
I love him. I love all of them.
Adrian Santibanez
Adrian Santibanez - Πριν χρόνο
the funniest Phil moment I my opinion is when he was in a house he is selling and is running around and yelling while playing a vr game 😂😂
Deadshot335 - Πριν χρόνο
Phil is my fav!
Kitura - Πριν χρόνο
My cousin swears by saying "cheese muffins" and I say a lot of that weird random stuff too. Crackerjacks is a common one lol
Hassan Ahmed
Hassan Ahmed - Πριν χρόνο
What if modern family is just want Phil wishes his family was like
Adorable Girl 15
Adorable Girl 15 - Πριν χρόνο
have any of you seen him in the key and peele episodes
Cynthia Isako
Cynthia Isako - Πριν χρόνο
Jon Doe
Jon Doe - Πριν χρόνο
Cam: "I mean Phil is usually just so...and then he was just so...and then he got even more..." "And it was right about then that the question started nagging at Phil sexy?" God that scene is so damn funny lol.